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Terra Fresco Skim Coat Line

DCI has developed a skim coat line for Kemiko called "Terra Fresco by Bob Harris." This product comes in grey and white, regular and fine. The powders are mixed with Terra Fresco Liquid TFL-1100. The Terra Fresco Liquid TFL 1100 comes in 1 gallon containers, the powder regular comes in 30 lb. bags, and the powder fine comes in 22 lb. bags.

Also with this skim coat product, you can add color packs that come in 12 different colors. These packs can be added to the Terra Fresco mix packaging and all.

Click here for -
Technical Data Sheets (powder fine and
der regular)

Click here for - Technical Data Sheets (Liquid TFL 1100)

Click here for - Color Paks Color Charts


DCI Dyes - Color Charts Now Available

Decorative Concrete Institute offers their line of Solvent-based and Water-based dyes.  Quantities available are in one-gallon, five-gallon, one-liter and 5-liter capacities.

Remember to read the Technical Data Sheets prior to the application process.

Color charts are a “representation only” and do not guarantee that the final color will be an exact match. Concrete slabs will react differently. Application methods will also change the look of the color. Test sections should be done to help determine the proper color required.

Click here for – Technical Data Sheets

Click here for - Solvent-Based, Water-Based, and Metallic Dye Color Charts

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Contact Decorative Concrete Institute for printed Color Charts @ 877-DCI-8080.


Crack Chase Blades - 4 x .375 V Blade - $90.00



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