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Octoberr 2008
We've had a hectic schedule...

Classes, classes and more classes, overseas travel, and lots more have kept us hopping. As you receive this, we are leaving for the Decorative Concrete Cruise! We will catch you up in early December on what we have been up to in October and November. We wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday later this month!

Meanwhile, keep your eyes and ears open for:

"Paladiano, 'Wonders of the World' by Bob Harris"

You're going to love it!

Bob and Lee Ann Harris
About Us

The Decorative Concrete Institute continues to provide consulting, education, installation and training to marketplaces across the United States and Internationally. DCI places its focus on Architects, Artists, Concrete Finishers, Faux Finishers, General Contractors, Interior Designers, Ready Mix Producers, etc. to bring them knowledge and offer advice on the demands of Interior and Exterior Architectural Design.

DCI has worked with and continues to work with a diverse range of industry professionals catering to the individual needs of each project focusing on products and designs that are conducive to the particular environment they are working in. DCI consults with on-the-job applications and installations and provides the technical expertise to complete jobs successfully.

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