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Terra Fresco with Kemiko's Epoxy
Bob Harris developed a Skim Coat Line in 2010 for Kemiko!

This line is called, Terra Fresco by Bob Harris. This product has proven to be a great success. We recommend you carry this line for it is an excellent product and a great addition to the existing Kemiko Decorative Product Line and Kemiko's Industrial Epoxy and Urethane Products. An added feature for the Terra Fresco is the dissolvable Color Paks to integrally color the Microtopping.

Along with the Terra Fresco, Kemiko has taken on Bob Harris' line of Dyes, known to Kemiko as Kemiko Dyes by Bob Harris. Again, what a great complimentary product to the existing line of Kemiko Acid Stains.

Read Below for more information on Terra Fresco. You can obtain Technical Data sheets on the website: www.Kemiko.com. For information on stocking these products please call the Kemiko Customer Service Line at:


Terra Fresco with Textures, Acid Stains, and DyesKemiko's Terra Fresco Microtopping by Bob Harris

Terra Fresco Microtopping is a high-performance cementitious topping that can be integrally colored, acid stained or dyed. This versatile product can be used for both interior and exterior applications and can transform worn and distressed concrete into a brand new canvas. When installed per these technical guidelines Terra Fresco Microtopping will provide a long-wearing architecturally pleasing surface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Exterior and interior applications
  • Can be a single-build or multilayered application
  • Creates an extremely durable wear surface
  • Excellent flexural properties
  • Increased abrasion-resistance
  • Low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Low in odor
  • Easy application
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Excellent for staining and dyeing
  • Unique integral coloring system

Product Use: Terra Fresco is available in white and gray regular and white and gray fine versions. These products have been designed for both exterior and interior substrates and will create a very durable and abrasion-resistant surface when applied properly. Terra Fresco can be used on exterior driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, patios, stair risers and treads, and even vertical walls when substrates are prepared properly. In addition, Terra Fresco can be used in interior environments when a clean canvas is desired to create one-of-a kind colored decorative floors. With the use of Terra Fresco Color Paks, Terra Fresco Microtopping can produce beautiful integrally colored floors. A wide variety of textures are also possible.


Terra Fresco with Dyes Kemiko's Terra Fresco Liquid (TFL-1100)

Terra Fresco Liquid (TFL-1100) is a user-friendly, high-performance, water-based polymer blend that is used as a primer and liquid additive to the Terra Fresco Regular and Terra Fresco Fine cement-based microtopping line. Its unique formula creates a tenacious bond to properly prepared substrates.



Terra Fresco Integral Color PaksTerra Fresco with Dyes

Kemiko's Terra Fresco Micro-Topping is a high-performance cementitious topping that can be integrally colored with Kemiko's Terra Fresco Color Paks, acid stained or dyed.

Terra Fresco Color Paks come in 12 colors.

Metallic Epoxy over Terra FrescoMetallics by Bob Harris
a product of
Decorative Concrete Institute

Please inquire at Decorative Concrete Institute for the new Metallic line that consists of 18 vibrant colors. The metallic is packaged in a container that you add to 1-mixed gallon of Epoxy. Suggested retail price is $27.50 for each container. Visit www.DecorativeConcreteInstitute.com to see the color chart. Remember, the color chart is a "representation only" and does not guarantee that the final color will be an exact match. Application methods will also change the look of the color. Test sections should be done to help determine the proper color required. Color Charts are available upon request. NOTE: A request for 10 or more there is a fee of $10.00.

For Distributor pricing, please contact Lee Ann at: Leeann@DecorativeConcreteInstitute.com

Bob Harris Guides and DVDs

Bob Harris Guides and DVD's

Don't forget to add Bob's Guides and DVD's to your inventory. For Wholesale and Distributor Pricing contactLee Ann at: Leeann@DecorativeConcreteInstitute.com

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