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Stamped Concrete
Melanie's High School Graduation
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Those Bells are Ringing (at last) for Bob and His Gal!.
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June 2008
Dear Bob,

Well here we go again on the run.  We are writing this newsletter from our hotel room in Carol Stream, IL while conducting a 5-day training class for the AGC-Laborers Union.  More on this later (next month's newsletter).
When we fly home Friday evening, and after some serious laundry and packing, Bob and Lee Ann leave on Saturday for the big cross country motorcycle trip "Ride for the Cure 2008, Breast Cancer" (please visit our website for donations).  We can't wait to share our experiences with you in our next newsletter.

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check out the training available on our website:
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Bob Harris

Stamped Concrete
May 19-20-21, 2008

May has proven to be an action packed month starting with our Stamped Concrete Workshop.  We had 10 motivated students, but I don't think they realized what the content of this class consisted of. 

The class started off with the theoretical side with the do's and don'ts of stamped concrete.  After a 2-hour classroom presentation, Bob and the students went out and placed the first panel of concrete. By-the-way this panel was 17 cubic yards of concrete, stamped with a soldier coarse boarder and seamless texture skins on the infield section. 


Once this panel was stamped the class got an education on form setting and shooting elevations and then we had training on how to run a Bobcat.  The second morning started off promptly with saw cutting the previous day's pour for contraction joints. 


We then placed 8 cubic yards complete with color hardener and stamped this section with large Ashler Slate.  Once this panel was complete and after some full bellies from lunch, 3 more yards was poured with some really cool themed stamping in addition to pouring a set of stairs and risers. 

The last day consisted of some decorative score cuts, staining and sealing and I must say the work looks spectacular.  A couple of student's made the comment that this was the most comprehensive training they have ever had with a ton of hand-on experience.  Great job guys! 


Thanks to Brickform for donating the product for this class!

Melanie's High School Graduation
May 24, 2008

The day after our stamp class, Bob and Lee Ann traveled to Indiana for daughter, Melanie's High School Graduation. 

This was some nice time away from work for a few days while spending time with family. 

Also combined in this celebration was
Mel's 18th birthday on May 25. 

We enjoyed our weekend with you guys and congratulations on your graduation and your 18th birthday.  We are both very proud of you and love you.

Floor Me Series -
Concrete Network

May 28-29-30, 2008

After returning home from Memorial Day Weekend and right into preparations for the arrival of Concrete Network's film crew, we started on Wednesday filming for their new series called "Floor Me". 

This will be some of the most comprehensive material available relative to concrete related topics.  This series is consumer related for many of the questions that go unanswered  relating to potentially choosing concrete for their floors.  Some of the important topics include:  Is concrete cold or loud?; Does concrete crack?; some of the sustainable (green) attributes concrete has; maintenance concerns and choosing one system over the next, are just a few examples of what will be covered throughout the series. 


After some minor camera malfunctions, this was a brutal, yet awesome experience with over 50 short independent segments filmed and oh by the way, this was done in just over two days.  Stay tuned to Concrete Network for this new upcoming series.  Bob and Lee Ann would like to pay a special thank you to the Concrete Network team, Thad and Mike, you guys were an extreme pleasure to work with during this intense schedule. 

Those Bells are Ringing (at last) for Bob and His Gal!
July 26, 2008

One last bit of information to share with you in closing this month's newsletter, that if you can believe, it is not concrete related. . .Bob and Lee Ann are finally getting hitched!

For those of you that are close to Bob and Lee Ann, you know that this day would finally come, and yep it has come.  They will "tie the knot" on July 26 at a quiet ceremony on Bob and Lee Ann's property in Temple, GA. Can you believe it?????

We will be signing off for the next two weeks and can't wait to share all of our experiences with you in the next newsletter.

New Training Classes Added!

We have recently posted several new training classes to our website. Be sure to visit our training page for upcoming classes throughout 2008!
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