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June 2007
Dear Bob,

Are you looking to break into the decorative concrete world? Or, perhaps, are you a seasoned
veteran of the business looking for new ideas and to sharpen your skills? We have training opportunities available for everyone! We've just added several new classes.

Be sure to
check out the training available on our website:
Decorative Concrete Institute

Bob Harris
Stamped Concrete Class
April 30- May2

The April/May stamped concrete class proved to be an action-packed intense three days.  The class started off with a classroom overview on the theoretical side of the business.  Topics included concrete mix design, form setting, sub grade preparation, color hardeners, integral color and acids stains to name a few.  After the morning classroom session, the group of 15 students and Bob placed and seamless texture skin stamped 9 yards of concrete using tinted liquid release.  It was an interesting installation since we also included a wood grain stamped border around the perimeter in a different color hardener application while at the same time, using a contrasting color in the main field area. After a successful application and a bit of lunch, Bob and the students poured an additional 6 yards of concrete covering pattern stamping with powdered release. Whew, we had some tired students at the end of day one. 

Day two started off with the students placing, finishing and stamping their own panels to the sum of roughly 9 yards of concrete.  The afternoon session consisted of pouring and stamping a set of stairs while capping the day off with some decorative score cutting on the previous days seamless texture installation. Day three was not quite as dirty as the two previous days, but the amount of information covered was equally as intense as the first two days.  The class learned patching and detailing techniques as well as how to acid stain stamped concrete.  Why stop there?  The panels including the stairs and stained section were finished off with a light coat of sealer.  Great job guys!!  A special thanks to Brickform for your support and John Tutunjion for being a part of our class.

 Bob Consults with Private Client for the Day - May 3rd
Happy Birthday Bob!

With no rest for the weary (literally). Bob consults with some local clients for the day at DCI's facility.  This firm was having some jobsite concerns with the art of applying skim coat material.  After a day of tune-ups and practice they expressed their satisfaction and that they now realized a few of the problems they were experiencing on this commercial application.

Go West Young Man/Woman!
May 4, 2007

Bob and Lee Ann head West for a surprise birthday party for Bob's Mom Mary Lou and a much-needed couple of days off.  They started off flying in to the San Francisco airport on Friday the 4th. 

On the way to Napa Valley for some wine tasting they are able to pay friend Fu Tung Cheng a visit.  After a wonderful education on tea at fu Tungs tea shop and plenty of sampling, Bob and Lee Ann were able to pay a brief visit to the last day of Fu Tungs concrete countertop class.  Wow!  There was some incredible work.  Thanks a bunch for the visit Fu Tung!  After several bathroom stops they finally make it to Napa Valley for a couple of days of great wine tasting and a beautiful motorcycle ride through the mountains (not while wine tasting).

Sunday afternoon Bob and Lee Ann surprise "Mom" Harris at a restaurant where she did not know they would be.  After serving her water and setting her silverware down, she finally realized who it was.  After some tears and hugs, we had a great visit with the West-side family.  Thanks Nancy and Lori for everything and we love you Mom!   

Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) -- One Day Trip for Bob to Chicago!
May 10, 2007

Bob flies to Chicago for the day to give a seminar on Decorative Concrete to this interesting group.  The CSPA has many different divisions, one of which is the "polishes group".  After a great two-hour session and some interesting conversation, back in a cab while being whisked back to the airport.

Polished Concrete Class
May 16-17, 2007

This was a small class consisting of 6 students, which proved to be pretty special.  Clif Rawlings from HTC America came down to help instruct this class.  We started off (like most classes) in the classroom covering topics such as diamond tooling, hard concrete vs. soft concrete, and jobsite examples in which both water-based and solvent-based dyes were used. 

After the morning classroom session, we brought the 600 sq.ft. floor up to a 400 grit in preparation for the next days coloring lesson and boy, what a lesson it was!  When the class came in the next morning they were wondering why the overhead projector was high up in the air.  When I showed them the design we were going to project and ultimately cut, color and polish, they could not believe it. In addition to this floor, we used the smaller HTC 500 on a sample panel previously cast and created some beautiful art work combined with polished concrete. 

The day was finished off with a coat of Polish Guard and a high-speed burnish using HTC's Twister pads.  I must say, these floors came out beautiful! Great job to the students attending and thanks Clif, I know you were pretty jet lagged from your 10-day excursion to India.

Lee Ann at Motorcycle School - Boy is She Nervous!
Memorial Day Weekend

Lee Ann in the past has ever so slightly hinted about the possibility of one day riding her own Harley.  The problem is, as she puts it, she loves being on the back of one relaxing as a passenger. 

Well, the doubt was abruptly taken away when she got her own LOWERED 885 Sportster. There was only one problem; she did not have the motorcycle endorsement enabling her to (legally ride).  After an afternoon of calling around to enroll her in a rider safety certification course only to find that most were booked out at least two months, we struck gold!  We happened to stop by the local Harley dealer at 2:00 pm only to find that someone had literally just cancelled which meant she filled the only spot and needed to be back that same day at 5:30 for her first day of school. After four days of intense training, she passed both the riding test as well as the written test with flying colors, (I knew she would).  Whew LeeAnn.  Congratulations!

For those of you that know her, see if you can pick her out of the picture with the other students.

Bob spends this time saw cutting panel for upcoming class.  Bob kills time doing what he loves doing while Lee Ann is in school.  Saw cutting concrete in preparation for the upcoming stain class.  Pour guy, couldn't he find a more exciting way to spend his days while wondering how she was doing at school.  In any event, it came out pretty cool!

  Update on Stain DVD

Bob and Lee Ann conduct final edit on staining DVD.  Wait until you see this 5-hour plus DVD. It flipping rocks!!

Check This Out! JB Studios Films Virtual Tour of DCI!
Exciting Video Shoot!

Please visit our website in the coming days for more on this exciting shoot which can be viewed on the website.  Also, there will be upcoming news online regarding hands on seminars both live and video segments that will be available for purchase.  (Cool Stuff!)

Coming Soon! Student of the Month!

Check our website in the coming days for a new monthly feature -- our Student of the Month page!

You could be our next Student of the Month. Click here to see all of our class offerings and for your registration form!

DCI Memorial Day Tribute

DCI would like to pay tribute to all of the men and women who paid the ultimate price and on a daily basis sacrifice their lives for all of us.  If by chance any past veterans or men and women currently serving in the armed forces are reading this news letter, we would like to take this opportunity to personally say thank you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.
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