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    Decorative Concrete Institute Insights January 2007

    Dear Bob,

    Are you looking to break into the decorative concrete world? Or, perhaps, are you a seasoned veteran of the business looking for new ideas and to sharpen your skills? We have training opportunities available for everyone! We've just added several new classes through Fall and Spring. Be sure to check out the training available on our website: DecorativeConcreteInstitute.com

    Bob Harris

    Concrete Coutertops – Cast-in-Place 101
    December 7-8-9, 2006

    Bob and Lee Ann head to Raleigh, NC for a joint cast-in-place concrete countertop class held at the Concrete Countertop Institute. The students learned proper reinforcing techniques as well as understanding the importance of a good quality mix design. During this class topics covered were: proper sub base installation, sink and faucet knockouts as well as forming up the edge details. The class was divided into four groups of which each group was responsible for preparing their own kitchen countertop. Each group also mixed and placed their own concrete under the instruction of Bob and Jeff Girard.

    This was an interesting class due to the fact that we had beginners as well as advanced countertop installers. Bob and Brad of CCI framed up a demonstration countertop that consisted of intricate back splash details. The class learned how to monolithically pour both the countertop and backsplash at the same time. On the last day other interesting techniques were covered such as stains and dyes, as well as some crazy engraved graphics. Thanks Jeff, Lane and Brad for another successful class with DCI and CCI!

    Skim Coats-Stains-Dyes
    December 13-14-15, 2006

    Decorative Concrete Institute held a skim coat class featuring ColorMaker Floors products. The primary focus was on ColorMaker’s Sgraffino, Fine and Superfine, Pentimento and unbelievable coloring techniques using acid stains and both water-based and solvent-based dyes.

    Some of the floors poured during this class were poured as a permanent addition to the Decorative Concrete Institute. We used the existing contraction joints in the warehouse floor to epoxy down brass divider strips that were ¾” wide x 1/8” tall.

    Bob demonstrated proper application techniques with Pentimento and unbelievable coloring techniques using Colorfast pigments. The students were also able to create their own masterpiece.

    Check out our upcoming ColorMaker workshops for this popular aspect of the business.

    Click here for more info on upcoming classes!

    Illusional Concrete Art
    December 18-19-20-21, 2006

    Julie Kirk was welcomed back for our second successful Illusional Concrete Class. Using the previously poured ColorMaker Pentimento as our canvas, the class was able to create some unbelievable masterpieces under Julie and Bob’s instruction. This was a great class with a nice blend of theoretical classroom instruction as well as hands-on work.

    The students were taught the difference between single point and two point perspective as well as anamorphic perspective which is taking a distorted image and transferring it to the floor creating some unbelievable effects. The products used to create this interesting work was Rustoleum’s new concrete stain, DCI dyes and Key Resins 512, 100% solids epoxy to clear coat over the top of everything.

    Watch for our next class and you must come to DCI to see this work for yourself. Thanks again, Julie, for another great class. Can hardly wait for the next one! DCI again, staying on the cutting edge of imagination and product education.

    Click for our upcoming class schedules!

    Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter, which includes the great news of the filming of Bob’s next video: "A Guide to Stained Concrete,” a step-by-step instructional DVD! We look forward to seeing you at the World of Concrete!

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