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Kemiko Acid Stain Workshop
Laborer's AGC Training in Chicago
Intense Staining of Ornamental Art
Filming Tool Segments for Concrete Network
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Boy Scout Camp in Kentucky
Private Training for Well-Known Industry Firm
Pensacola Air Show
Cardone Family Visit
DCI-West and DCI-Europe Converge at DCI for Colormaker Workshop
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It's Official - Modello Advanced Training
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August 2007
Dear Bob,

Are you looking to break into the decorative concrete world? Or, perhaps, are you a seasoned
veteran of the business looking for new ideas and to sharpen your skills? We have training opportunities available for everyone! We've just added several new classes.

Be sure to
check out the training available on our website:
Decorative Concrete Institute

Bob Harris

Well, they say, better late than never!  Who the heck is this "they" person anyway?  What a busy, but great summer it has been.  Let's get busy catching back up on everything that has transpired around this joint.

Kemiko Acid Stain Workshop
May 30 - June 1

What a fun and very creative class this turned out to be at our last Kemiko acid stain workshop.  The students came up with some amazing designs ranging from McEscher three-dimensional blocks, a variety of medallion designs, not to mention some free form modern designs on their panels.  The group learned the importance of not only properly preparing the concrete surface prior to the staining application, but the importance of cleaning and neutralizing the stain residue prior to the sealer application.  Other techniques covered in this class included engraving graphics using the Engrave-A-Crete line as well as grouting techniques. Sarge, who is the master at the buff-in wax application, showed the students how to properly apply Kemiko's wax.  Kudos to the students and like always Barb and Sarge, it was great having you here.  We sure enjoy your company!

Laborer's AGC Training in Chicago
June 2 - June 7

We were fortunate to be asked back to the Laborers AGC training in St. Charles, IL.  The interesting aspect of this training was the fact we were training the already ACI certified instructors how to properly install high-end decorative concrete applications so they could in turn go back and instruct their apprentices.  The main topics during this intense four-day training included cast in place concrete countertops, skim coats, stamped concrete with both seamless and pattern stamping as well as stained concrete.  This was a motivated group eager to learn new techniques helping them take there training to a new level.  A special thanks to Darrel Daigle as well as the Chicagoland Facility for hosting this special event.  It was a pleasure working with, and training your group!

More Pics from AGC Laborer's Training


Intense Staining of Ornamental Art
June 11 - 12

We received a request to stain some ornamental concrete statuary using Rust-Oleum's semi-transparent water-based concrete stain.  When 50 or so pieces showed up on a flat bed tractor trailer, we knew we had our work cut out for us especially since they had to ship to California two days later for an important meeting.  Everyone at DCI helped out with the staining of these pieces and although it was some pretty intense hours getting them ready, it was also a lot of fun!  Yet another way to effectively use water-based stains.

Filming Tool Segments for Concrete Network
June 13 - June 15

The Concrete Network sent their team to shoot footage for a new section they will be offering on the Concrete Network website.  Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks and visit their website at www.concretenetwork.com

DCI Launches 3 new sections of the website. Student of the month, the upcoming on-line video training, and a virtual tour of DCI.
June 21

Recently while talking to one of our student/friends at a DCI class it dawned on us that we needed to acknowledge and pay tribute to the wonderful students that take this business seriously enough to invest in education.  It was during this discussion of our now first ever student of the month Ed Gruetzner, we felt compelled to tell Ed's story and launch this new section.  Please click on the "Student of the Month" section to hear Ed's story.  We will continue to periodically run the student of the month so who knows, possibly we will see you in this section in the future.

Often we receive phone calls and emails from different parts of the world from people that cannot make the big trip here in addition to many people asking about our showroom and class information.  We thought it would be fun to give a virtual tour of the DCI facility showing some of the interesting finishes that our staff and students have worked on in the short time frame we have been at our new facility.  Click on the "Tour DCI" button on our web site.

Also, check out our new section of the website called "Video Training".  As we embark on global decorative concrete training, we want to make quality training as accessible as possible.  For this reason, we are now offering on-line training.  Not only will the DVD's be available, we will also have a live series version.  Stay tuned for the live series as well as a very interesting project that will knock your socks off!! That's all we can say for now.

Boy Scout Camp in Kentucky
July 9-14

Role reversal is a great thing.  This was an eventful week of son teaching father all kinds of wonderful scouting techniques. Rob had one of his Boy Scout outings at a beautiful lake in Kentucky.  I was very impressed with all of the scout's skills and must admit, I learned a few skills as well.  Thanks for a great week, but it sure was nice to get back to a real bed!

Private Training at DCI for Well-Known Industry Firm
July 17-18

This was an intense two-days of education, both with classroom and hand-on training for the company Prosoco.  Topics included an overview of the decorative market as well as densifiers and polished concrete.  The firm is an already well-established company dating back to 1939 with custom formulations of specialty cleaners and protective treatments for masonry and concrete. They are coming out with several new products that will make an impact in the decorative concrete arena. Stay tuned, you will be hearing more about Prosoco not only with their new product line but their awesome existing line of products!

Pensacola Air-Show/Fishing Trip
July 20-22

This was a wonderful weekend of great fun in Pensacola Florida. We were fortunate to spend a couple of days of relaxing while watching the all mighty Blue Angels perform.  In addition, the red snapper fishing was awesome as Lee Ann's mom Baba and son Rob show. 

Also, I think little Isabella has the upper hand on all of the rest (no, that's not her Bud lite!).

Cardone Family Visit
July 26 - July 29

The cool thing about this business is the relationships that are spawned, many of which will last a lifetime.  This is the case with Dom Cardone (alias "The Concrete Impressionist") and family Janine, not so little any more, Dom, Nick, Petey and Tomasina. 

Here are the kid's version of having fun -

- and the adult's version of having fun.  Lee Ann and I enjoyed our time with you guys. 


DCI-West and DCI-Europe Converge for Colormaker Workshop at DCI
July 29 - August 1

Wow, what a class it was!  The DCI staff and students were very fortunate to have additional guest instructors during this class.  Mark Haen of Adobe Coatings (DCI-West), Mike Archambault and Frediric Ljung of Moderne Methode (DCI-Europe) were here for additional support.  This class really shined with some unbelievable designs as the pictures show.  The group was able to work with ColorMaker Floors Pentimento and Sgraffino, as well as several different coloring systems helping them take their work over the top. Great job guys and special thanks to Mark, Mike and Fred for your help.  Can't wait for future DCI trainings around the world.  Also, thanks to Victor Pachade of ColorMaker Floors for you and the support of your company.

(Hey Ed, please let Kevin know that his work on my scope worked!)

News Flash
Bob's new DVD on Stained Concrete and More is now available! Please contact DCI for more information!
It's Official...

DCI-West will be collaborating on a "unique advanced training" in San Diego with friend Melanie Royals of Modello Design Studios. This class will be involved with pouring roughly 700 square feet of ColorMaker Floors Pentimento as well as working with their other products on this high end floor. Don't miss this opportunity to work with skim coats and some mind blowing Modello stencils. Class size will be limited so don't miss this exciting opportunity September 19-21.

Click here to register

That's it for now! Thanks for reading!!!
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