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April 2009
Car 54, where are you, where are you?

Yes, it has been a long time since we have shared information.
So sit back , prop up your feet, grab a cold brewsky,  cup of coffee or an energy drink  because we have a lot to catch up on and you're gonna need it.
Our last newsletter was October 2008.  OUCH!  Booooo - Happy Halloween...
Cast-in-Place Countertop Class - Featuring enCOUNTER
November 5-6-7, 2008
This was a great group of students.  We challenged this class with plenty of woodworking skills while forming up their countertops in addition to helping those that needed work on their finishing skills. 

The class was able to learn every step of a successful cast in place countertop installation.  Not only were some awesome cast in place countertops produced, check out some of the custom table tops of which the students were able to take home with them (at least the ones that drove to the work shop. They were too heavy for the overhead storage on the plane).

The most enjoyable part of this class was watching the enthusiasm from the student's creativity.  Great job gang!

Annual Decorative Concrete Cruise
November 10-14, 2008

You should have been there!  The Cruise is getting better and better.  This year we departed out of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach.  This was a 5 day cruise that took us to the Mexican Riviera and we ported at Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas. 

The days on the sea were filled with great seminars and presentations by:  John Kolencik (alias Spider Man) and Jeff Adney both of BodyTek Training Center spoke on "Generating More Sales for your Decorative Concrete Business"; John Abrahamson, former President of HTC now independent consultant spoke on "Polishing your Profits and Concrete Preparation"; Bob Harris, President of Decorative Concrete Institute announced his new product line of "Paladiano - 'Wonders of the World' by Bob Harris" Stamping Tool Line (more on this later)and spoke on Stamped Concrete, from Rags to Riches; Patrick Jebber, of Two Monsters Creative Group talked about Branding your Product and the Internet titled "Stand Out in the Crowd"; Bent Mikkelson of Concrete Décor talked about "Professional Use Only";  the one and only Wayne Sellon of Tajmawall spoke on "Take Your Business Vertical"; Other speakers consisted of:  Floyd Dimmick w/Crown Polymers; George McCullough w/Epmar Corporation; Frank Lewis w/The Coatings Group; Dan Foytik w/Brickform; David Boyer w/Prosoco; and of course the Host of the Cruise, Michael Bulnes w/California Decorative Concrete.  If we forgot anyone............we are very sorry, and will mention you in next newsletter.
Included in all of this fun, Lee Ann picked up the cruise ship virus and tried very hard to pass it along to Bob.  That task was accomplished and the boat quarantined us to our room for 2-days.............We started to hate our room.  But all in all, we had a wonderful experience with good friends-The Cardone Family, colleagues and family.  Well of course we took our Mom's Mary Lou and Mary.  It isn't a cruise without them! 
Next Decorative Concrete Cruise is scheduled for November 7-15 which will depart out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  This is an 8-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise which will visit:  San Juan, Puerto Rico / St Thomas, USVI / Antigua / Tortola, BVI / Nassau, Bahamas.  Visit:  www.DecorativeConcreteCruise.com to register and find out more information.

Stamped Concrete - Featuring: Brickform Products and Paladiano
November 19-20-21, 2008

This was a small class that upon completion of the course went home with a ton of hands on experience.  28 yards of concrete was poured during the class (that's a bunch).  During the class, topics included sub grade preparation, form setting, proper concrete placement and mix design considerations, color hardener application powdered and liquid release application and sealers.

The students at this class were the first to use the Paladiano Stamping Tools in a real-world setting.  Talk about exciting stuff! Whew!   Although the students were stoked about the new tools, Bob was grinning from ear to ear (we had to clean a bug off of his tooth).  A large panel was poured using Venetian Rotating Marble.  Check out some of the accessory tools such as ½ and ¼ tools.  Cool stuff!

Skim Coats-Stains-Dyes - Featuring: Colormaker Floors
December 8-9-10, 2008

What a fun class this was! We had students from all over in this class:  Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, New Jersey and North Dakota are a few examples.

This group was all about using every tool available in class in route to their finished pieces.  The first days focus was on installation techniques using ColorMaker's Sgraffino and Pentimento. 

The second day the group designed their panels and ultimately cut and engraved the designs.  The last day was spent using acid stain, tints and dyes followed by sealer.  Great work and a job well done by all of the students.
Chemical Staining &  Specialty Techniques - Featuring: Kemiko
January 9-10, 2009

Our January Kemiko was hosted by Surface FX in Santa Barbara. 

This was a challenging class with limited working space. Despite the challenge, some gorgeous work was produced.  Students had the opportunity to design a showroom floor for Surface FX. In addition to working side by side with Bob and Lee Ann, the group was able to work on sample boards creating some great work.  

Epmar Corporation sent two representatives, Arnold Yasui and Ken Stoltenberg.  It was good to see you two again! Thanks to Michael and his staff at Surface FX for hosting this class

World of Concrete
January 28 - February 7, 2009

This was a long 10 days, but very eventful.  This was the formal announcement of "Paladiano - 'Wonders of the World' by Bob Harris" stamp line and the relationship between Paladiano and Brickform - A Division of Solomon Colors, Inc.  Brickform - A Division of Solomon Colors, Inc. is the Exclusive Manufacturer and Licensed Distributor for the Paladiano Tool Line.
We had five days of preparation: pouring, stamping and coloring concrete prior to the opening day of World of Concrete on February 3 for Brickform's booth which turned out to be big hit. 
A private invitation only cocktail party to share the Paladiano Story and display Paladiano decorative concrete was held on February 4 at a local Brickform Distributor, Border Tools.  We were delighted with an overwhelming response of approximately 200 + people.  Thank you to all of you who shared the excitement of this new line with us.
Throughout the week demonstrations were held at the Brickform / Solomon outside booth demonstrating the uniqueness of the tools in addition to discussing the unique features about the sets such as bottom and top tools, side 1/2 and ¼ tools.  The floor was then opened up for questions and answers.
The success of the booth was a complete joint effort between Paladiano and Brickform / Solomon.
Job well done and cheers to everyone!

You're half way there with the news letter. Take another hit off of your coffee or energy drink for that needed jolt, and rub the haze out of your eyes.  Here we go!

Chemical Staining & Specialty Techniques - Featuring: Kemiko
February 19-20, 2009

The fact that this was a small but intimate class did not mean that the finished pieces were not spectacular.

Beautiful works of art were produced from the students as you can see in the pictures. The complete Kemiko line was used and demonstrated during our class. 

We were all fortunate to have Barb and Earl Sargent as always present their professional touch to the Kemiko line.  Ken Stoltenberg was also present to represent Epmar.  Thanks for helping us make this class a smashing success.  We'll see you guy's soon hopefully.
Skim Coats-Stains-Dyes - Featuring: ColorMaker Floors
February 25-26-27, 2009

Talk about a class full of energy!  This group was like a school of Piranhas.  You couldn't feed them enough information. 

But the most gratifying was the enthusiasm and their will to not give up. Different design and layout techniques were used such as gridding their designs for the projects. 

ColorMaker Floors product line was used during this class in addition to Modello stencils. The nice thing about this class is that some of the students attending mentioned that they wished they had more ability with their artistic skills.  After some basic discussions on design and art theory, the students were well on their way to producing master pieces.  I was so proud of what they accomplished.  Probably the biggest accomplishment was their new found confidence. I truly believe a few of the finished pieces could have been hanging in art galleries. Job well done guys!  I can't wait to see some additional art pieces from all of you.  Check out some of this class's handy work.
Filming of Paladiano DVD
March 2-6, 2009

Lee Ann and I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Dave Blasedale of Brickform/ Solomon, Cody Dawkins of Create-A-Crete, John Anderson of Paladiano/ Idealwork for a great week of stamping despite experiencing all four seasons in less than one week.

Our four days of pours included almost 50 yards of stamping using the new Paladiano Stamp Line.  The entire week was captured on film of which we produced an Instructional DVD.  The DVD will be included in each boxed set of stamps or sold separately.  Additional filming was required to show cleaning, detailing, staining and sealing.  The panels came out awesome.  Another special thanks to John Butrey and Bradley Smith of JB Productions for filming and producing the DVD.  By-the-way, sorry John for getting Color Hardener and Release Powder on your camera, or as you put it, "There is f...ing s...t all over my camera."  We will do better next time!  Another thanks to Rusty Brooks, a student from the previous week's class that got stranded in Atlanta.  He just thought he would drop by the shop to spend some time, then volunteered to help out.  And of course, a big thank you to Ron Bailey for hustling during a very busy week.

Ken Heitzman Event in Seattle
March 16-19, 2009

Ken Heitzman of Decorative Concrete Systems invited Bob to attend his annual event and demonstrate stamped concrete using the new tools by Paladiano. 

Bob and Harlan Baldridge of Brickform Solomon demonstrated proper color hardener application and Paladiano's Pavimento Of Paris and Stones Of Athens.  The panel came out great especially after the color stain was applied along with the seal coat.  Despite a downed economy Ken and his staff had a great turn out with over 130 people in attendance along with a distinguished list of presenters.  Great job to Ken and his staff for hosting a great event!

Spec West Training in Sacramento
March 30-April 2, 2009

I wish we could say that we have been sitting around with our feet propped up doing nothing however, that is simply not the case which is apparent with a trip to Northern California to visit our friends at Spec West. 

Mark ...... invited us out to present (you guessed it) the new line of Paladiano stamps.  This was truly a nice group of attendees.  There were approximately 35 students that weren't afraid to get in and get'er'done.  I must admit that Mark Harrington of Brickform/Solomon and I had our hands full because of the extreme conditions we were faced with.  During the stamping portion of the seminar we literally had 25 mile per hour winds which not only made for difficult color hardener application but, the stamping process as well.  Thank goodness for evaporation retarder.  The following day we had great lectures on detailing the stamp work which was followed by staining and sealing.  Special thanks goes out to Mark, Randy, Sergio, Donnella and their entire staff of Spec West for hosting this event.  You guys run a class act over there and oh by the way, your red zin is pretty damn good as well. 

Finally Poured Bob's Office Floor
March 6-10, 2009

If you can believe it, the Decorative Concrete Institute staff actually had a few days in between projects that they were able to pour Bob's office floor. 

Granted this was a small pour, the attention to detail was extreme.  This three- layered floor came out phenomenal.  Read more about how we did it in future newsletters (hopefully 60 hundred years won't pass before the next one) or, pick up a copy of the next Concrete Contractor magazine article.  This floor is talked about in Bob's column he writes.

Our hats off to those of you who actually made it this far.  For those of you who did not make it here to the end,  you're a bunch of wussies.  We will leave it on a positive note:  Despite of all of the doom and gloom we hear these days regarding our flailing economy, keep your chin up.  Forget all of the political crap we read about or see and focus on what you love doing, decorative concrete.  It will get better!

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