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Ride for the Cure 2008!
Chemical Staining & Specialty Techniques, Featuring Kemiko Products
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April 2008
Dear Bob,

Are you looking to break into the decorative concrete world? Or, perhaps, are you a seasoned
veteran of the business looking for new ideas and to sharpen your skills? We have training opportunities available for everyone! We've just added several new classes.

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Bob Harris
Ride for the Cure 2008!

Last month's newsletter, we talked about a group of our friends getting together for our charity ride.  It's official, Lee Ann and I have established a website with the American Cancer Society.  For more on this important event, please visit our website or Concrete Network's website, click on the button marked "Ride for the Cure 2008" and wait a minute or two for the movie to download.  After viewing our short video, please click on the "Donate" button and help make a difference!

Chemical Staining & Specialty Techniques, Featuring Kemiko Products
March 6-7, 2008

Every time we do a Kemiko stain class, we look forward to teaching it because of the amount of creativity and enthusiasm these classes generate.  This certainly was the case for this class.  Not only did this class have many great creative minds, they took full advantage of utilizing all of the tools and products demonstrated at these classes. 

The course always starts in the classroom covering the important aspects of what it takes to successfully complete a stained concrete project.  Once we put the students in to individual groups, they were off and running.  Not only did they come up with their own designs, they used equipment such as Engrave-A-Crete's Mongoose, Wasp, Barracuda, in addition to the Saw-Tech saw, grinders and cup gun sprayers to create their designs. 

Other techniques were taught and used, such as a variety of different ways utilizing Modello stencils that ranged from airbrushed dyes, gelled acids and a unique resist called LesCoat.  Also, once some of the engraved graphics were complete and cleaned, the students had the opportunity to use pigmented epoxies to fill the recessed areas. 

Everyone also seemed to enjoy working with Flip Flop which is our pigment that is put in to a suspension of epoxy that depending on how you look at it the color shifts and or changes.  Hats off to all of you students.  This was a fun class!

Getting Started in the Field of Decorative Concrete
March 18-21, 2008

Although the number of attendees was down in comparison to previous years, what a doozy of a class this was.  For those of you that could not attend this class, what a show you missed.  This class was largely successful, not only from the content that was presented, but the caliber of presenters that contributed to making this class a huge success. 

This distinguished list included:  Barbara & Earl Sargent, Brandon Adamson, Chris Mirabal, Clif Rawlings, Clint Edmison, Dionne Hutchings, Dominick Cardone, Doug Bannister, Jeff Girard & Lane Mangum, Jim Peterson, Jonathan Hughel, Kirk Stokes, Mark Haen, Rocky Geans, and Tim Frazer.

The students had the opportunity to work side by side with the above-mentioned industry giants covering applications such as; polished concrete, vertical wall stamping, countertops (both precast and cast-in-place along with specialty fiber optics presented by Dom), stenciled concrete, pattern and seamless stamping, stains & dyes, engraving, micro toppings, stampable overlays, decorative epoxies, and I'm sure we have forgotten to mention a few other extras.  The participants also had the opportunity to listen to some wonderful presentations by Jim Peterson, Rocky Geans, and Dionne Hutchings on Marketing and Running your Decorative Concrete Business and Concrete Mix Designs and Admixtures. 

Check out some of the examples of work that was completed during this class.  To all of you that attended this class, Lee Ann and I cannot begin to thank you enough.  This class is so much more than just training.  The special friendships and industry camaraderie is so important that we look forward to bringing all of you together each year. 

To the students, we hope we all contributed to exceeding your expectations and that we were able to enlighten you and give you direction in pursuing and/or continuing your Decorative Concrete Business.

We would like to thank Cody Dawkins, David Hamby and the Cardone Boys - Little Dom, Petie and Nick for all of your hard work during this busy week.

A special thanks to Dominick, Dom, Petie and Nick for presenting us with a heartfelt, custom concrete counter with unbelievable fiber optics made in to the Decorative Concrete Institute logo.  We cannot begin to tell you how touched we were not only with this beautiful piece, but with the kind words you shared with everyone during this presentation.  We proudly display this piece daily in our foyer / showroom.  You guys are the best!

Off to Italy!
March 23-31, 2008

Like we always seem to talk about, no time for rest.  Bob and Lee Ann are on a plane one day after the conclusion of our Getting Started class.  This was a wonderful trip and like always, thank you very much to Luca, Maurizio and John of Ideal Works for all of your incredible hospitality! 

We were very fortunate to spend a day in Verona (what an incredible city) and one day in our favorite city, Venice.  Stay tuned for more!

About Us

The Decorative Concrete Institute continues to provide consulting, education, installation and training to marketplaces across the United States and Internationally. DCI places its focus on Architects, Artists, Concrete Finishers, Faux Finishers, General Contractors, Interior Designers, Ready Mix Producers, etc. to bring them knowledge and offer advice on the demands of Interior and Exterior Architectural Design.

DCI has worked with and continues to work with a diverse range of industry professionals catering to the individual needs of each project focusing on products and designs that are conducive to the particular environment they are working in. DCI consults with on-the-job applications and installations and provides the technical expertise to complete jobs successfully.

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