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April 2007
Dear Bob,

Are you looking to break into the decorative concrete world? Or, perhaps, are you a seasoned
veteran of the business looking for new ideas and to sharpen your skills? We have training opportunities available for everyone! We've just added several new classes.

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Bob Harris
DCI Pours High-end Reception stand / counter in showroom of Decorative Concrete Institute
March 8, 2007

The end result of this beautiful work speaks for itself however; it was one heck of a challenge to get the end result.  Bob has a few choice words (ok, more than a few) for the pump operator when his pump decides to quit roughly 40 seconds in to the pour.  As a result, all of the concrete was subsequently wheel barrowed in and then scooped in to this very expensive form with three gallon buckets!

Once everything chilled out (including Bobs temper), some pretty cool effects were obtained layering areas of concrete in the corners making it look like slate and then, engraving graphics on the side and top of this piece.

Here is a perfect example of having to rise to the occasion when things don't go quite as planned.

AGC Laborers' Training in Mt. Sterling, IL
March 11-14, 2007

Bob was fortunate to travel back to Illinois again and help Mark Johnson of the AGC-Laborers to conduct another successful decorative concrete class.  The subjects covered during this session included skim coating, stamped concrete and stains.  If you recall in a previous newsletter, during Bob's last visit at this location, the class learned how to Install ColorMaker Floors, white Pentimento. 

The next day they came back and installed a customized Modello stencil using Skim Stone to color in the stencil. During this most recent visit, we again skim coated around the entire perimeter of the previously installed section using the same product. 

Once the material had a one day cure time, we then came back and saw cut some decorative borders while using several coats of acid stain to color this section. (A good tip when making the transition from one skim coat to the next is to come back after the fact and re- saw cut the transition establishing a clean defined line and fill it with sanded tile grout.) During this three day course, students also learned proper stamped concrete techniques using both seamless texture skins as well as pattern stamping.  Hats off to you Mark and the entire staff at your training site.  You guys are well on your way to providing excellent training for your members.  By the way Mark, thanks for the awesome ride on your four wheelers through the hills after class.  At least I did not sink mine in the river like you did!

DCI Getting Started Class in Temple, GA
March 27-30, 2007

Whew whew!! Another successful Getting Started class with some unbelievable results.  Based on the feed back, from not only all of the students, but our presenters as well, this class topped all other previous Getting started classes.  What an intense four days!  

If you can imagine covering, Acid staining, Dyes, Polished concrete, Vertical stamping, Concrete countertops both cast in place and precast, Skimcoats, Self-leveling overlayments, Stamped overlays, Concrete mix designs with admixtures, Stamped concrete with seamless and pattern stamping, Stenciled concrete with integral color and color hardener, Engraving, High end epoxies, learning How to increase profits for your business, and Successful concepts for your decorative business.  That's what just happened in this time frame.

Check out some of the unbelievable finished pictures of the work all of the participants witnessed during this class. Although, this may seem like a tremendous amount of material to cover, the students were able to learn from the Industries leading authorities in their respective field. 

One comment from one attendee was how well organized this class was enabling virtually all of the topics to be professionally demonstrated without feeling rushed.


First and foremost, Lee Ann and I would like to thank all of the students for attending this very special class.  Virtually every student that attended was a joy to be around!


Secondly, to the presenters; we cannot thank you enough and how much it meant to us here at DCI for all of you to be a part of this awesome class.  Thank you, Clif Rawlings and John Abrahamson with HTC, Grant Barnes with enCOUNTER, Stan Pace and Brian Hursey with FossilCrete, Dominick Cardone with The Concrete Impressionist, Mark Haen with Adobe Coatings, Kirk Stokes with Key Resin, Mike Miller with The Concretist, Brandon Adamson with Engrave-A-Crete, Jeff and Lane Girard with The Concrete Countertop Institute, Jim Peterson with Concrete Network, Rocky Geans with LL. Geans Construction, Barb and Earl Sergeant with Kemiko, and Jim Rowe and George Reedy with Miracoat. This class was largely successful due to all of your efforts and sacrifices!


To the companies that donated the fine products we used during the demonstrations.  Without the fine products and tools you manufacture, there would be no decorative concrete industry nor would all of the wonderful artisans listed be able to express their visions on to a concrete canvas.  Hats off to the manufacturers.  Brickform, ColorMaker Floors, Combimix, Concrete Network, Engrave-A-Crete, FossilCrete, Fritz-Pak, HTC, Kemiko, Key Resin, Midwest Rake, Miracoat, Rust-Oleum, and The Stamp Store / Cimarron Wholesale.  Thanks again!

Last, a special thanks to the DCI staff , Ron, Patsy, and Stephanie.  Lee Ann and I realize what a crazy hectic week for all of us it was.  Thanks for going the extra mile.  By the way, we are already planning the next one.  Are you ready?

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