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Skim Coats-Stains-Dyes

  • What you will learn: (If the original surface is not a good candidate for acid staining, don’t walk away….Use a skim coat to create your new canvas.)

        Test the slab for moisture
        Surface Preparation
        Crack and Surface Repair
        Application of Skim Coat
        Integral Coloring
        Project Layout
        Saw cutting Techniques
        Faux Finishing Techniques
        Stencil Designs
        Sealers / Coatings
        Floor Finish / Wax

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What students have to say about this class:

"Bob, Lee Ann, and staff have done a tremendous job in making this seminar an experience not to forget. The instruction was nothing less than professional and extremely informative. No matter your experience level, there are definitely trade secrets to take away from this seminar. While it is a lot of information for three days of training, Bob and staff made it enjoyable. I am confident in the new skills that I have acquired and already have a return on my investment. I look forward to attending more seminars in the future. Thank you DCI!"...Michael Emma


What can I say? 

A three day workshop with Bob Harris "the guru of decorative concrete" in Calgary, AB was a jam-packed, awe inspiring and creative experience.  I definitely came away knowing that decorative concrete is an exciting, fast paced industry where the possibilities are endless.  I really enjoyed being able to participate hands-on with the projects, learning how to use the tools and getting right in there was the best!  Bob's knowledge, expertise and all that he shared about the industry was a gift. 

Looking forward to my next workshop Bob and Leeann, see you soon! Cheers!"..Janice Laliberte, Courtenay, BC

"I've attended, so far, two training classes with Bob and because of his genius about concrete, I've learned some things that I could never dream about. To make concrete look like flag stone or tile with less than 1/8" of material: Nobody would believe it, but with Bob you can do anything! I say this honestly, I've worked 30 years in the concrete and stone business, but 1/8" blows me away."....Dulio Prado

" Thank you so much for the information overload. I had a wonderful time, ate some wonderful food and feel like I have saved myself from about a thousand different mistakes. (I'll still make a thousand or two, but that's no fault of yours). Thanks so much!.....Andrew Foley

"I am very thankful for all the knowledge acquired at DCI. My hands are full now for spreading the art. ColorMaker hit the nail on the head and Bob is the ultimate channel. P.S. Thank you to the DCI team.".....Ron Rodan
"After taking the acid staining class, this was a great companion class and has given me ideas on how to repair a bad staining job at my house. Thanks DCI, I'll be back!".....Paul Arseneau
"If you want to get educated on the subject of decorative concrete, you can't have a better teacher than Bob Harris!! His inspirational method of teaching is deeply rooted in rich professional experience. Decorative Concrete is a threshold, beyond which lies a world of limitless imagination of decorative concrete finishes. Overall, the workshop experience was wonderful and will be remembered for a long time!".....Arif Masoud

I found your seminar tremendously helpful. My dealings with concrete floors and cementitious toppings amounted to looking at cracked flooring and wondering what was to be done. The principle lesson I learned is that there is no one solution to a problem, and all situations are different. Your seminar helped create the foundation, which is essential to be able to go into a situation with confidence and propose not only a solution but a good estimation of cost. We have done one big internal project that we think looks great, and are working on obtaining others with the prospect of a very large project coming up with a house we are building out of our stone. __ Richard Edge

Thanks again for a great class. I can honestly say it was the best class that I have attended and taken part in. I have attended a good number of classes in my day, but this one topped them all. It was well organized and covered a great deal of different materials and applications. I think everyone that attended felt comfortable and I was glad to see everyone in the class got involved. __ Jim Stimmel

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