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Polished Concrete 101

Whether you are a seasoned professional or looking to get into the rapidly growing industry of Polished Concrete, this class will open your eyes to the endless possibilities.  Course content will include the basics of Polishing Concrete along with getting into some intermediate techniques.  In order for a polishing contractor to be at the top of their game, they have to have an understanding of how the slab is placed, finished and cured, establishing the canvas of which they will be polishing.  

Topics will include: 

  • Mix design
  • Slab placement and finishing procedures
  • Curing
  • Joint filling
  • Problem solving on issues such as pop outs and cracks.  Also the do’s and don’ts while working on a construction site.
  • Testing the hardness of the concrete, identifying what grit sequence of diamond tooling to start with
  • Gloss Readings and DOI (Destinction of Image)
  • Dry polishing vs. Wet polishing, advantages and disadvantages
  • The type of available grinders in the market place and power requirements
  • Types of Densifiers and application techniques (when is the appropriate time to densify a slab)
  • Diamond tooling education, i.e. metal bond, resin bond and transitional diamonds will be discussed as well as diamond impregnated burnishing pads
  • Identification of the type of desired polish, such as:  cream finish, salt and pepper and exposed aggregate
  • Transitioning from new polished concrete into existing polished surface
  • Edging
  • Basic coloring techniques
  • An overview of the variety of topical treatments such as:  reactive guards and penetrating stain resists at the conclusion of the polishing process.
  • Maintenance considerations, products and techniques to best advise your client for the longevity of the polished surface.

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