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Extreme Concrete Polishing

During this class you will learn the basics of concrete polishing as well as some advanced techniques to help take your business to the next level.  Topics will include imbedding exotic aggregate into self-leveling overlays, exciting stencils, and coloring techniques.  Additional topics will include proper equipment and tooling, a variety of commonly used testing equipment such as 60 degree reflected gloss meter (DOI meter) and MOH’s Hardness pencils, when to densify, design layout, the coloring process, guards and sealers, as well as how to properly maintain your polished surface.


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What students have to say about this class:

I really enjoyed the seminar. Extremely informative. The attention to the details of the polishing process will be very beneficial to my business. Thanks again to Bob, Lee Ann, and Ron of DCI, and to Cliff and Howie of HTC. I purchased a machine and am looking forward to polishing...Mike Brahler

Many thanks to Decorative Concrete Institute (DCI).  We started out in the concrete polishing industry with no experience which led to some problems.  After completing Extreme Concrete Polishing Workshop, we now have the knowledge and confidence to go forward with our business Elite Concrete Polishing LLC in a professional manner. Thank you Bob and Lee Ann Harris and all staff...Dave Stecker, Elite Concrete Polishing

I've been to several workshops with other companies and this by far has been the best. Bob gives you more than what you paid for, it's like a 3 in 1 seminar!.....Antonio Esparza

Simply amazing. I have been to many decorative classes and nothing compares to the training or information I have received at the Decorative Concrete Institute. This is my third workshop and plan to attend more at DCI in the future!".....Mike Williams

This workshop was well worth the trip (5 hours), and the time and money. I planned to attend because I am in the process of building my new home. I questioned whether attending would be worth the investment. After attending I can truly say it was well worth it. My plan now is not only to complete my basement,but to do jobs on the side. This type of work has a major 'WOW' factor!.....Anthony Mays

I was first introduced to Bob in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete. He was by far the best presenter of any of the workshops I attended. Bob is incredibly knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and down right friendly. He makes the learning process safe and enjoyable. I came into the class apprehensive and somewhat intimidated because I felt I had so much to learn, but as I leave this class I am confident that I have the hands on experience and instruction that I can hone and begin the next job......J.B. Herren

This is my second Decorative Concrete Institute training class and once again I am very satisfied. The class was very hands on and learning was intense. I will recommend these classes to anyone......Chris Plummer

Your expectations are high when you are coming to a Bob Harris seminar, but this completely exceeded my expectations. Clif and Bob are excellent teachers, and much better people. I enjoyed the class a lot. Thank you...... Federico Jasso

Excellent seminar that includes a very complete combination of theory and hands-on practice on a real life-size, permanent, concrete slab. It exceeded our expectations and the knowledge acquired will be priceless for anyone who wants to go into business the right way: professionally. It just costs too much to learn the hard way...worth every penny......Mauricio Zambrano

The class was great! It was very professional and informative, best of all very hands on. Thanks to DCI, I am much more confident in being to do what my customer has imagined. ___.Tim Kyte, Culman, Alabama

Taking DCI's workshop on Polished Concrete w/coloring Systems was one of the best investments I've done for my business. With the knowledge learned at Decorative Concrete Institute, it will open up a whole new market for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering getting in to this business or already dong polishing. Thanks a lot to Bob, Lee Ann, Ron, Patsy and Stephanie! .___Clark Blackwood

Even after three workshops, (stamping, polishing, staining) I am still blown away with the knowledge and confidence I get from these seminars. I will be back next month for more. Thanks to the entire DCI staff for making me feel so welcome.___Ed Gruetzner

I have been to many training workshops in the past seven years. This is the first that I actually was looking forward to the second day of a workshop.___Anthony Mone

The polished concrete with color systems class was unbelievable. Everyone in the class was amazed when we saw what Bob had picked for our class project. This project was not on a throw away slab, it was on the floor of the shop at DCI. It was permanent. We couldn't help but wonder " what was Bob thinking". He explained each step and the project came out awsome. It even made the HTC catalog. I left that class with so much confidence. Thanks Bob, Leann, and the entire DCI staff. I credit you and your classes for taking my business to the next level.___.Ed Gruetzner, Concrete Surface Solutions, Thornwood, NY

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