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NEW!! The Most Comprehensive, well rounded countertop class available taught by Educator and Trainer Bob Harris Assisted by Michael Eastergard, President of PreiTech.

What you will learn:

Forming for Pre-Cast & Cast-In-Place Countertops & other projects.

Principles of proper re-enforcement.

Fundamentals of Mix Design: Learn a “Made From Scratch” mix but learn how and why to modify for different applications. Learn what you need to know when analyzing raw materials in any area of the country.

Use and understand the unique attributes of the Top 5 Leading Bag Mixes in the industry:

Buddy Rhodes (“Pressed” Pre-Cast, SCC Pre-Cast, GFRC)

Butterfield Color (Pre-Cast)

enCounter (Cast-in-Place, SCC Pre-Cast)

Quikrete (Cast-in-Place, Pre-Cast)

SureCrete (Pre-Cast, GFRC)

A made from scratch mix will never be the only mix a competent contractor will use. Each of these bag mixes is a completely different mix that offers completely different advantages. Knowing and understanding each of these mixes will allow you to select the one that will achieve a specific desired outcome.

Fundamentals of Ad-Mixtures

Integral and Topical Coloring, Staining, Dye’s, Engraving and a world of creative techniques that Bob Harris is most renowned for as an Educator, Trainer and Author.

Hands-On-Training. Almost everything you could possibly face in the field you will deal with here. Bob Harris will orchestrate a fast paced schedule with no time to waste over the Four Days as we template and pour on actual cabinets, not just imaginary rectangles. Finished pieces will be placed and shimmed and set. We will form and pour an integral backsplash in place. Countertops will be intentionally out of square, walls out of plumb, cabinets will be out of level or need structural enforcement… Under-mount sinks will be installed… We will cover everything except for plumbing!

If you are looking for intense training, you owe it to yourself to come to Bob Harris’s Independent and unbiased casting, pre-casting and countertop training event and learn to make your own mix and the features and benefits of the Five Leading Bag Mixes in the Industry.

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What students have to say about this class:

Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you and your wife. The class was one of the best experiences I have had being trained in a certain skill set. I have come back home with a ton of information and cannot wait to practice. Ron was so helpful as well, explaining certain steps when you were busy with other students. I look forward to taking more classes with DCI in the future...Scott Herndon