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Concrete Countertops Cast-in-Place

What you will learn: (Custom, hand-crafted designs)

     Proper forming
     Mix Designs
     Sink & fixture knock outs
     Coloring & Finishing Techniques
     Monolithic backsplashes
     Precast backsplashes
     Veining & Engraving Techniques

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What students have to say about this class:

"Much more than I will take some time to absorb what I've learned...the staff is over the top and informative...I'm very interested in other workshops at DCI...thanks to you all at Decorative Concrete Institute"...Bobby Delgado
"DCI is by far the best hands on training available. This is the 5th class I have attended and it keeps getting better and better. Any person that attends a class with Bob Harris will find it rewarding and a great investment to their knowedge of Decorative Concrete. I have been to countless other training courses and nothing comprs to Bob Harris and his staff at DCI. Thank you!"...Michael Williams
"Again, Bob and his staff exceeded my expectations. His patience and professionalism are unsurpassed. We created beautiful concrete countertops with little understanding of carpentry and a love of concrete. I feel I can now, with a little practice, create something to be proud of. Thanks again!...Dan Lightner

" I enjoyed the class very much. I assumed it was going to be difficult, but with my knowledge in wood working the forms were very easy for me. I still need to work on my finishing skills. The class was easy to understand because of the instructor, Bob Harris. It was a honor to be taught by the master. Thanks to Lee Ann and the staff at DCI, everyone was so very nice. Thanks again."... Kent Adams, Kent Adams Cabinets

The cast in place countertop workshop course was outstanding. This was my second course at DCI and once again, Bob, Lee Ann and the staff at DCI set the bar high. I feel extremely fortunate to learn decorative concrete techniques from one of the very best in the industry and be hosted by such a good group of people. I really appreciate all they do and look forward to the next course I can attend in the future...Dave Magnano

I enjoyed my time at Concrete Countertop workshop very much. I traveled across the country for the class and felt like I made the right decision. All the information was up to date and the handbooks will be a great resource in the future. Both Bob Harris and Jeff Girard are great teachers and their different backgrounds and experiences make for a well rounded education. I would like to thank everyone at the Decorative Concrete Institute for their effort and achievement in creating such a professional training facility. Thanks,
Jordan Krebs, Accent Resurfacing, Spokane, Washingtion

Bob and Lee Ann: I want to thank both of you for your hospitality and interest in me on my recent visit for your Concrete Countertop workshop. Both of you made me feel comfortable and feel right at home at your facility. I feel I learned a great deal and will have total confidence when I install my first countertop at my home. I know I still have much to learn and I will gain even more confidence as I get some more experience. I really enjoy all fields of decorative concrete and I remain optimistic about my future in this business. I hope to see both of you again someday as I would love to attend more training at DCI. Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter and give the dogs a treat for me. Sincerely...Brent Hildenbrand, Decor-a-Crete

Being new to concrete I didn’t know what to expect from the DCI/CCI Cast in Place 101 Course. Here’s what I learned:
1. Almost anything is possible…your imagination (or your clients) is the limit!!
2. Be as precise as possible in planning, execution.
3. There’s nothing like hands-on training.
4. Working with such knowledgeable artisans/technicians shows you the true potential of concrete…………..Myles Perper

Try it you’ll like it but bring a tape recorder. You’ll get more information than you can possibly retain……….Joseph Miller

If Colorado had Bob on their team they might have won the series. Another Home Run class. Awesome infusion of creativity and expertise. To quote a movie legend (and governor) “I’ll be back”! Thanks………Michael Fulks

We really enjoyed the class, the facility, the instructors. Bob, Jeff, Lee Ann and Lane were so helpful and patient with all of our questions and times when we couldn’t quite understand things. It was such an eye opening experience. We would definitely recommend it to anyone who would be interested in learning about countertops. Thank you so much DCI…….Russell and Lorraine Buhr

Bob and Jeff,
You have changed my direction in life and my work. I will always add to my skills and then hopefully overtake to the next level, concrete. I am grateful and so happy to have met such fine gentlemen. I will always keep in touch. Thanks to Lee Ann and Lane for all the help with the class and business sense. Best Regards, Scott Merck

Can't say enough about the experience & knowledge I came home with. You all are a "class act" if ever there was one! I made a sink mould on my table saw & will attempt an integral vanity top this weekend."
__ David Crane

Loved the training! Thanks for motivating me to keep trying new techniques. I can't wait to start making more countertops. Thanks again.___Matt Hine, owner / operator, Progressive Concrete Coatings

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