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DCI Alumni Projects

See what our students and customers are doing in Decorative Concrete!

Craig Adamson
Special Effex
MacHesney Park, IL

This is a 75 year old floor that had a L shaped expansion joint that we used with a border to incorporate it it into the design. We were trying to make this the focal point of the room and to somewhat hide the expansion joint.

Colors were Concrete resurrection Mocha sprayed two coats on floor and four coats on the border


This floor was a Elements for woman day spa, The cracks
were in the floor and look like a flagstone pattern,

Colors used were Concrete Resurrection beach sand, with tobacco leaf sprayed in at the same time to get it to marble. Sealed with Kemiko stone tone indoor sealer





This is a new log home. Brand new concrete and the color was a butterfield acid stain, Lichen green and Balken Amber. We spot sprayed the balken amber here and there then sprayed the entire slab with lichen, we put on three coats of butterfield clear guard indoor sealer with one coat of kemiko mop on wax.








The garage was sprayed the same way only we sprayed it with two coats then we used concrete resurrection fossilwood for the center diamond and tobacco leaf for the outer diamonds. We used a Bob Harris technique that we learned in school on the little diamonds, we put sealer down with a artist brush before we stained the concrete. the sealer was two coats of butterfield clear guard outdoor sealer.



This was a six car garage that had two coats of sealer that we had to strip. We used engrave a creat paint and sealer remover then degreased it with each degreaser. The wood grain pattern was 3 coats of autumn umber cr stain brushed on for a grain pattern, then we made special tools for the faux finish of the wood grain. The wood grain was mocha. We used a 3/8 masonary bit to dimple the holes for the nails then stained them with cr slate color. I asked the customer if he wanted tongue and groove or if he wanted the wood planks nailed down and he looked at me like I was nuts, I guess that is what decorative concrete does to you. The 4x4 tile pattern was cr white base coat then cr mocha, carmel, and white all sprayed together to get the marbeling we wanted. We sprayed the white last over the carmel and mocha to keep the color from turning to dark. The border was down by hand with a brush to keep the wood grain pattern going, it was cr mocha three coats, and the smaller tiles in the border were cr slate color. This was a two week job start to finish but a lot of fun. We put 4 coats of each outdoor sealer on this.

Mike Speach
Tropical Toppings
Winston, GA









White-based skim coat with troweled out texture, scored with 2' diamond
tiles and a six inch border.


The border was colored with Kemiko Black Stone Tone Stain. The main area
was first highlighted with Kemiko Vintage Umber and English Red, then top-coated with Kemiko Malay Tan all over.









Jim O'Callaghan
Innovative Elements-"Where Concrete Becomes Art"
Waxhaw, NC


Red Brick Patio
Brickform Color Hardeners: Victorian Red and Tile Red
Brickform Texture Mats: Herringbone Used Brick
Brickform Touch up Tools
Brickform Release Agent: Sun Baked Clay and Bck
Brickform Sealer: Politely






Octagonal Patio
Brickform Color Hardeners: Sandstone
Brickform Texture Mats: Octagon Tile
Brickform Touch up Tools
Brickform Release Agent: Desert Tan
Quickrete Sealer: Wet Look






Brickform Color Hardeners: Sandstone and Nutmeg
Brickform Texture Mats: London Cobble
Brickform Release Agent: Black and Brick Red
Quickrete Sealer: Wet Look








1/4" Plywood reinforcement
1/4" Durarock Sheet
TAC Primer 1-Gallon
TAC ECB Anti-Fracture Membrane
Diamond Lath (Stucco)
Sonoflow - Primer
Sonoflow - Self Leveling Concrete
Brickform Overlay Primer
Brickform Overlay
Brickform Liquid Release
Decorative Saw Cuts
Brickform Acid Stain - Mahogany and Walnut
Quickrete Sealer



This was a special job. I followed Bob's recommendations on his DVD in order to pour concrete over wood. I built the surface based on his specifications and to this day I have no cracking. Great DVD! I recommend it to anyone who is serious in building their decorative concrete business!


Domenic Mattei
Custom DesignCrete Inc.
Crescent, Pennsylvania

Brickform Random Stone Pattern with Desert Sand Color Hardener with Autumn Brown Release
Note: how the Canvas Color Grout Brings out the color.

Brickform Used Basketweave Brick Pattern with an integral brick red color.

Brickform Random Stone Pattern with Light Gray Color Hardener and Dark Gray Release

Proline Seamless Texture Italian Slate combined with Brickform London Cobble Stone Pattern
Brickform Cream Beige Color Hardener with a Walnut Release.

This project started with the existing gray slab. Color was achieved by using ColorMaker Floors - 4,000 sq. ft of Sgraffino Regular and Sgraffino Fine, Patinaetch Sumatra and DCI Dye: Wheat mixed with Grahamcracker to color enhance.

Davis Concrete Design
Hiram, Georgia

Kemiko Vintage Umber; DCI Dye, Gramcracker; ColorMaker Floors Texture Seal; and Accelerator Floor Finish






DCI Dye, Gramcracker & Mahogany; ColorMaker Floors Texture Seal; and Accelerator Floor Finish






DCI Dye, Forest Green; ColorMaker Floors, Texture Seal; and Accelerator Floor Finish.








DCI Dye, Gramcracker; ColorMaker Floors Texture Seal;
and Accelerator Floor Finish




Ed Winslow
Silvermine Decorative Concrete
Wilton, Connecticut

Work completed at Stoneforge Grill Restaurant in
Easton, Massachusetts.








Floor completed in Sgraffino, regular and superfine. Acid stains amber and ebony mixed, some tourquoise, red dye and a red & blue water based dye mix, wheat water base in 1 area. Deco & uro seal. Burnished with high speed soft pad.





Walls in Texston Terra with glaze and 3 colors.















Also check out the outdoor grill with concrete boxes. 8 boxes in total, 2 made for corners. Speakers and lights being added, speakers on top, notice recess, lights on bottom. The reveal is a small touch but makes the top of boxes match with countertop 4" thick. House has 50 pair of speakers.












Domenic Mattei
Custom DesignCrete Inc.
Crescent, Pennsylvania


This picture is of a pool deck we stamped. Borders are exposed aggregate. The field is Brickform London Cobble Stone Color Hardener Cream Beige with Walnut Release.








This is the same pool deck with the firepit. Fossilcrete vertically stamped fire-pit with a poured in place concrete cap. Brickform texture Bluestone seamless Color Hardener Cream Beige with Walnut Release. Notice the hand inlaid Tiles.






Fossilcrete vertically stamped wall in a random stone pattern. The wall cap is also a poured in place installation with brickform color hardener cream beige and walnut release with a seamless blue stone texture.





Felix Obregon
Precision 2000, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia



Rotofino grey and design with DCI-dyes and acid stain.



Rotofino with black colorfast and then Scraffino white to contrast the background and a medallion of Modello designs with scraffino gray.

Rotofino with acid stain mahogany and jade.
On the border a Modello Designs pattern with DCI-black dye.

Domenic Mattei
Custom DesignCrete Inc.
Crescent, Pennsylvania

Two new beautiful projects from DCI Alumnus Dominic Mattei with Custom DesignCrete Inc. in Pennsylvania:


Border stamp pattern ashlar slate Color- Charcoal
Field-Exposed aggregate
Sidewalk stamp--London Cobblestone
Color-Integral Taupe with charcoal release
Custom saw cut compass rose
Colors --White color hardener base with Black,English Red, maylay tan, and Burnished copper mottled with turquois acid stain. Dye color enhancers Graham cracker, mahogany, and ruby red.






Countertop mix Buddy Rhodes with a custom color weather sage. The cantilever bar top was hand seeded with 3 types of different aggregates. All surfaces were ground and polished.





David Crane
David R. Crane, Inc.
Covington, Louisiana

This fireplace mantel was poured using BR's mix & his color called "wheat". We added a little brown LeHabra color to contrast her stained floors. She also got a concrete fruit bowl!